Chair Massage

What is Chair Massage?

Chair Massage is a type of massage therapy that is performed while the client sits fully clothed in a specialized chair. This unique massage chair is ergonomically designed and offers full support of the head, arms, body and legs.

The therapist works muscles and knots through clothing, using a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques on the muscle groups in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Oil or lotion is not used but occasionally the therapist may use some lotion on the neck or forearms/hands.

Some of the Benefits of Chair Massage

  • Increases circulation and range of motion to the body
  • Reduces muscular tension that can lead to chronic pain 
  • Helps to relieve muscle stiffness and stress-induced tension 
  • Aides in reducing fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression 
  • Helps provide better quality of sleep

Sessions are 30 minutes long and offer the same great benefits as a table massage

The massage chair folds up easily and is completely portable, it can be set up just about anywhere. Contact us if you are interested in having us come to your next event.